Cocopeat Bales / 25kg / 5kg

A 100% natural and renewable growing medium. The ideal substitute for peatmoss and also available in bulk packs of 25kg/5kg. The wide range of uses includes greenhouses, farms, horticulture, hydro seed spraying, landscaping, orchids, mushrooms, seed germination, and as a substitute for potting soil and bark compost. There is also increasing use in golf course greens as a soil conditioner and an aid to moisture retention.

Cocopeat Tablets

Cocopeat Tablets are produced from washed and dried Cocopeat, and compressed at 7:1. Uses include plant starters, with the tablet being inserted directly into the pot and water added.

Coir Nets

We manufacture several types of coir nets for erosion control purpose applications. Use Coir Nets for soil erosion control, hillside slopes, vegetation, river embankments, road embankments, ski slopes, and ski lift tracks, etc.

Cocopeat Grow Bags

A unique product which comes as compressed slabs in poly sleeves. It is widely used in the horticulture and hydrophonic green house industry for growing vegetables such as tomato and cucumber and cows. It is also used in the floriculture industry for roses, gerberas and many other high demand seasonal and non-seasonal flowers. COIRPEAT grow bags are also used to grow fruits such as strawberries. The high fibre content of the COIRPEAT grow bag provides high air capacity for better root development. Combined with recommended nutrients and fertilisers the Cocopeat medium encourages stronger plant growth. Fertiliser uptake is more uniform than with other substitutes and this can overcome nutrition problems. Currently we produce many different sizes of COIRPEAT grow bags and some are identical to common Rockwool slabs. In addition to standard sizes, we can also produce COIRPEAT grow bags according to the buyer's individual requirements.